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Linda's bad knee has popped a couple days ago which makes it harder to walk long distances. Hopefully it will be fixed some time this summer in Kentucky.

Yesterday me and 2 more couples went to Mexico to get a varity of medicines for us and others that don't have passports. What I don't understand is how you can buy medicine across the border so cheap. First place you don't need a prescription second is I don't know. Alot of Winter Texans go over and get medicines. There are probably 50 or more pharmacy's across the border in Progresso.

One of the medicines Linda uses Medicare dosen't pay for anymore. At Sam's it $15.48 for 42 pills in Mexico it's $1.70 for 60 pills. That's just crazy, we picked up some medicine for a friend with Sugar Diabetes total price was $130 in the US it cost him $580 a month. I realize if you have good insurance it's cheaper for you here. But for some people in the US they pay a big price for prescriptions. For those with restless legs try LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL it works for me just rub it on.

I do know why dental work is cheaper they don't pay malpractice insurance and most of it is done by cash. An example of that is I had a bad tooth capped it cost $200 plus $10 for xray. Someone I know had one done in the US and it cost them $1000.

We have been back to SPI with Gary and Doris and ate at Pirates Landing. Last night at dime bingo Linda and I won big a total of $7.80. We have been getting some rain almost 3/4 inch.

People are pulling out everyday I think they forgot it's winter up North. The Temps have been great in the RGV this winter.

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