Inside our coach, the holiday lights and ribbons abound

Rebecca hard at work preparing a holiday turkey, after Thanksgiving, yummmmm

Dave says,"that ain't gonna last long!"

Just the right size for two

Our setup for the next four days.

View down the FAMCAMP street.

More of the FAMCAMP

Aircraft boneyard is across the street.

We just landed at the FAMCAMP inside Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson Arizona. Rebecca drove all the ways from pulling out of the last campround, Desert Vista, Salome, AZ to the check-in office here. 253 Miles in all. Soooooo, for you ladies out there who think you can't and won't drive a rig, Rebecca say's "Do it". If not for any other reason but, for your own peace of mind. Not to mention, the good that'll come of it when you "have" to because your hubby is incapacitated or something.

This is just a short, 4 day stop to buy out the BX and stockup the refridgerator. for the next couple weeks, we'll be moving on pretty fast, with just short 1 to 4 day stops. If you've checked our itinerary lately, you'll see we are going to spend Christmas in a Thousand Trails Park, near San Antonio, TX.

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