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We arrived in Lisbon after a 3 hr flight. J didn’t think Air Malta was a budget carrier, but no food or refreshments unless you bought them! C spent the whole trip (off and on) talking to a Portuguese lady in the next seat. she didn’t speak English (C doesn’t speak Portuguese!) so a few French words helped.

Arrived 10:15 pm local time - bus from plane to terminal. Transfer girl was waiting and she took us out and called up the mini van. Very nice friendly driver - spoke good English, and told us all about Lisbon and Portugal. About 20 mins to our Apartmentos- busy neighbourhood full of restaurants and bars and noisy young people! We pushed the Apartment 2 buzzer, and the owner came to the door (Betsy?). Her husband Santos came and helped. We are on the first floor in a lovely modern recently renovated apartment. A lovely bottle of wine is sitting waiting patiently!

The owners are very nice and friendly. They told us there is a Mercado (minimarket) close by, and a bakery. I am sure we will like it staying here.

Oh, and you can drink the tap water here.

By the way, a strange thing J saw in Malta airport. An elderly ( ie older than him) having a drink from a plastic bottle of water. Her lips didn’t touch the bottle! She just put her head back, opened her gob, and poured the water in! Most bizarre!

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