Ginny's Adventures 2014 travel blog

comrades at the wooden pier - here come the birds!

what a sight!

Who would like to camp here?

birds waiting for humans to watch?

10 of 15 kayaks shored up

pow-wow on the shores

what's there to find here?

Joan has a good lunch spot and the conversation is rivoting!

cooling the feet after lunch

The weather is finally right and many of the snowbirds have left so that driving there isn't so bad, making for a great day to go out to hte tip of Pine Island. That's what 15 of us did on this beautiful day!

First we went north to a pier that many different kinds of birds seemed to like also. Pam took some great shots of the birds and cormorants and I am using hers to show that exciting portion of the trip. I didn't paddle out that far because of the hard work needed to paddle back against the wind. I watched from a distance.

We found a picnic spot that is missing it's table but it was fun to explore the area once there. We saw starfish and puffer fish and even sting rays below us in the shallow water near shore!

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