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Carpes at Ken's Lake

Eternal construction on I 15 thru Salt Lake City

US 6 is a lovely drive

US 6 wiggles thru mountain passes

US 6 east of the mountains

Gorgeous scenery along I 70

US 191 heading toward Moab

Red rocks north of Moab

Ken's Lake is a lovely BLM campground

Thu, 25 Sep: Back on the road again...

Following two wonderful weeks "vegging" at Wasatch View RV it was time to get a move on. We enjoy the relaxation of staying on one place, but after a while the call of the open road beckons and we must obey.

As we were getting things ready to go this morning niece Stacy stopped by on her way to that "W**k" thing she does to say good bye and get some last minute hugs. We were more than happy to oblige, especially in the hugging department. We had a really great time visiting with Stacy and the kids. They're growing up right and Stacy can stand proud.

We pulled out of the RV park at nine sharp and were soon heading south on I 15 thru Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo. We have yet to travel this long (about 85 mile) stretch of urban interstate without running into ongoing construction projects. Today was no exception, but the mid morning traffic moved well and there were no delays (just some white knuckles).

South of Provo we left I 15 for US 6, a very well maintained federal highway that follows some mountain passes east. It shares the right of way with a two track Union Pacific mainline and a fast running river. It climbs to 7,500' at Soldier Summit and then drops down to the plains east of the mountains at 5,500' or so.

We stopped for lunch at a convenient rest stop on US 6 at mile marker 202. Continuing east and south we picked up I 70 at Green River and followed it east for twenty some miles to the US 191 exit. US 191 is another very nice federal route that cuts south thru some spectacular mountains to Moab (and points south).

After driving thru Moab we continued about eight miles to Ken's Lake, a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campground overlooking Ken's Lake, a smallish reservoir. We found a good size site overlooking the lake and plunked down for a spell.

We're uncertain as to our plans, both near and long term. We can stay here for up to two weeks if we so choose. It is a boondock site, meaning no electricity, water, or sewage. We've boondocked for two weeks before, so we should be OK. With our solar system it shouldn't be a major problem, but we'll see. We do know, however, that visits (multiple?) to Arches and Canyonland National Parks are definitely in order.

Today's run was 284 miles via I 15, US 6, I 70, and US 191. It was a very enjoyable drive with little wind and mostly bearable traffic. Carpe managed a respectable (given the mountains she climbed) 8.01 miles per gallon.

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