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Carpe at Elkhart Campgrounds

Decisions, decisions
Just west of Elks Lodge we got on US 131 south

And still more decisions
We stayed in US 131 to US 12

Construction along US 131
The "narrower the road the wider the oncoming truck"...

Lovely home in White Pigeon Michigan

Driving on US 12 in Southern Michigan

Bob at the helm along US 12
He's a natural "truckin' man"

Back in Indiana just north of Elkhart

Sun, 15 Sep: Happy Birthday to Shel Kirsh, #1 Brother-In-Law

Today was a very, very short driving day. We racked up a total of 31.1 miles from Three Rivers Michigan to Elkhart Indiana. Despite the short distance, the check lists remain the same as do the pre-departure tire pressure and engine oil level checks.

We got underway a few minutes after nine and continued along M 60 west. A few miles south of Three Rivers M 60 branched off from US 131, which we took south to US 12 a whopping nine miles distant. We encountered several construction zones with narrow lanes and rough pavement. Naturally, since Bob was driving, at the narrowest point here comes a big ole' semi. Remember RV Rule #42: "The narrower the road the wider the oncoming truck!"

Once on US 12 we headed west to just north of Elkhart where we turned south again on Indiana 19 as we crossed into Indiana. County Road 4 is only a few miles south of the border so we were at Elkhart Campgrounds right at ten. A full hour to travel 31 miles! Now we're cooking...

Once settled in we checked out the laundry room, which was pretty much empty. We grabbed several weeks of dirty duds and glommed onto three machines. By noon we were finished and our nice clean duds were folded and put away. That is a really good feeling!

It has been rainy most of the day since arriving in Elkhart. The forecast is for intermittent showers the balance of the day with high temps in the sixties. So, we're at home snug and dry.

We'll be here a few days and on Tuesday relocate twenty miles to Goshen and the FMCA Great Lakes Area Rally. More anon...

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