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Took a bus to the border and before we knew it we had crossed into China without a phrasebook.

Luckily for us the English speaking locals (of which there are some but not many)have been eager to get us out of any tightspot we have found ourselves in. As soon as we left the immigration centre we were approached by a guy offering to take us wherever we needed to got just so he could practice his english. With his help we found our way to the bus station and caught a bus to Geiju.

Arrived in Geiju, "Tin Town" as the Chinese call it, a centre for tin mining. The main attraction is a large lake in the City Centre, created in 1954 when some illjudged mines resulted in a sinkhole that took half the then city with it. Today the lake side is teeming with Chinese families who stroll around its edge and engage in all manner of other activities such as line dancing and rollerskating. By night the lake and surrounding buildings is lit in attractive neon lighting.

Ordering dinner was fun - our best efforts resulted in two bowls of steaming noodle soup much to the amusement of our waitress who spoke as much English as we do Chinese. We are on a steep learning curve.

After dinner we were approached by yet more friendly locals wishing to practice their English. The two girls chatted with us and tried to help us find a phrasebook in various bookstores without success.

Later than anticipated we returned to our GH by which time the true horror of our room was apparent - the slight smell from the bathroom when we checked in had escalated into a full scale stomach wrenching stench and our neighbours to either side had Chinese TV blaring at full volume. The joys of cheap GH's.

Day 48 complete

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