Winter 2011-2012 travel blog

The top had a bit of wear and tear on it.

The whole thing was chipped and grungy.

All sanded and ready for stain

Drawer pulls before

Drawer pulls after

Installed in the bedroom

We finally did it!!! We got the dresser finished. And put in the bedroom. And FILLED with clothes. Next up is to go thru the clothes and get rid of some.

SUNDAY: We went up the hill to church. There are still over 100 people in church and that is with most of the North Ranchers gone for the summer. We stopped and picked up our mail on the way home and then worked a bit on the final sanding of the dresser.

MONDAY: Happy Birthday to our oldest!! It seems like yesterday we brought you home in a snowstorm.

Ron had a 9 am appointment with the Chiropractor. And then we came back home and worked on polishing the handles of the dresser. We are missing two for the center drawers – well, really we have one of them, but I'm sure we can't match them exactly so will need to get two.

We also picked up the drawer lining stuff to make the insides look nice. We stained the dresser today. It is looking good.

TUESDAY: Up early and hungry. We are having our blood drawn for routine tests this morning. Then we had breakfast at the Twin Wheels Cafe next to the movie theater in Wickenburg. Then back for my physical therapy.

We rubbed down the dresser with steel wool and gave it another coat. The depth of shine is looking good.

We didn't walk very far tonight as my knee was hurting from therapy. But the Giant Asparagus is still growing.

WEDNESDAY: Ron went to his Chiropractor appointment alone today while I got some work done around the house. I gave the dresser another light sanding with the steel wool and the last coat of poly on the dresser. The pecan stain and the varnish are really making the beautiful grain show thru. I think it will look better than the spayed on stain from before.

THURSDAY: Ron went to breakfast with the boys and then we both went to physical therapy. I had the gal that likes to give me lots of exercises and Ron got the one that is more the expert on backs. He got a few exercises, too. We came home and finished up the drawer pulls and put them on. I tried some of the drawer paper but couldn't get it too even.

While Ron was at breakfast I put together a crock pot full of beef/veggie soup. Then I decided to wash some clothes. I remember taking my wallet and keys out of my jeans – but can't find them anywhere in the house. How can they disappear in such a small space??

FRIDAY: D Day for Dresser day. We put the dresser on the garden dolly (kinda like a wagon on wheels that we had given his mother and now is ours) and moved it across the stones on some plywood. Then it rolled up the ramp and into the house just fine. Ron lifted each end as I places the rug protectors on the floor.

Then came the fun part. Taking all the clothes off the shelving in the closet and into the drawers. So far I've thrown away a few things – but a lot more has to go.

SATURDAY: More moving things from the closet to the dresser and totes under the bed. Ron is having a good time with his garage back after it being full of dresser for so many months. I was able to get the shelving unit from our closet out to the garage and he is re-arranging things to clear off his work bench.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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