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Dealership in a really old building in Montague, NJ

Driving thru the Poconos



Crossing the Hudson River (we're in NY now)

Really - we're in NY

Not sure if we're in the Catskills or Taconics

Third state in about 1-1/2 hours of driving

Wooden freeway walls - really?

In the Taconic Range of the Appalachian Mtns



Connecticut River at Middletown

East Coast architecture

Are we really getting close to the coast?

Yes we are - CT River emptying into Long Island Sound


We really are driving parallel to the coast

Crossing the Thames River (no not the Thames in England)

Didn't realize Five Guys was a diner

This home has been here a few years!

Home for a week

View from my window

A little foggy this morning - we are on the coast

Yesterday morning we left New Jersey fairly quickly - were close to the New York state line. We spent about half the drive in New York. We left the Poconos & thru the Taconic Range - not sure if we drove thru the Catskills & Berkshires, couldn't really tell on the maps. While they're not mountains like the Rocky Mtns or Sierra Nevadas (we saw an elevation map at the top of one grade that said 959' & another that was over 1,100'), they are beautiful. When we entered Connecticut, we were in the Taconic Range of the Appalachian Mtns. We've heard about these mountains all our lives - first time actually being there.

Seems like driving in 3 states should take longer than the 4 hours we drove today. And we're really close to a 4th state - Rhode Island.

We're settled into the Seaport RV Resort & Campground - not cheap but nice & clean. We only have water & electric but pump-out service as often as you need is included.

According to the weather report yesterday evening, we're having a heat wave here. Evidently there were too many a/c's running - a transformer exploded about 6:30 pm & we were without power until about 10:00. (That's why we're posting early this morning!) We spent a lovely evening outside. Overheard a neighbor saying that she & the kids were here for the summer with hubby coming down on weekends. Think that's another East Coast thing that started in the days before air conditioning - families spend the summer in the mountains or at the coast where it was a little cooler & the husbands stay in the city to work during the week.

Today we start exploring the area. More later...

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