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Leaving Calpe, heading to the Balearics

Cabo de la Nao on Spanish mainland and one of the cargo...

Balearics on horizon at about 17:30

Isla de Conejera - our first stop in the Balearics

We had a fantastic crossing – the wind was consistent at about 15 or 16 knots from the south so we were on a broad reach which is the best point of sail for Whimbrel. We caught our first sight of the Balearics at about 17:30 and then had both the mainland and the islands in view. Apart from avoiding a few tankers in the shipping lane it was an uneventful sail and we had a beautiful sunset with the coast of Spain backlit by the orange sky. We originally estimated that we’d arrive at about 3am but because the wind was so consistent, we got there at half past midnight, dropping anchor in a bay off the Isla Conejera (rabbit burrow island) just west of San Antonio on Ibiza. For a night sail it wasn’t too bad! The moon was behind cloud, but the sky was otherwise clear with lots of stars.

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