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It's sunny - and warm! We were up ~6 AM (MT)got everything tucked away & went a couple of blocks to the Home Cafe for breakfast. Just us & the local farmers - eating great home cookin' - just what Ron has been waiting for AND it didn't cost us $25! The big talk around town is the hail storm they had just a couple of days ago, golf ball-sized hail ruined some of the crops - most were insured tho! There, that's the local gossip - love these little towns, everyone looked up to see who the 2 stangers were coming thru the door! Then we got a smile from each weather-beaten face!

There are no clouds in the sky. . . we are heading S & it's really warming up, took my sweater off right after breakfast. Hard getting up this morning, it cooled off nicely & it was very quiet in our little park -- but the trains run on a very regular schedule (~every hr I think) & they do like those train whistles! About 5 AM, one especially sadistic engineer laid on the horn all the way thru town (there's only 10 blocks) but i think he started a 1/2 mile before town & went for at least a 1/2 mile beyond. . .

Traveled thru many big ranches, gently rolling hills & lots of pretty spruce trees. This is oil production country. Just before Vaughn Junction the landscape changed - mostly open range land for cattle & there's about 1 tree every 10-15 miles!

Going thru Grand Falls, MT - saw a billboard for Fundruckers! Thought it was just a Flint eatery! Saw lots of antelope (pronghorns). Crossed the Missouri River several times - lots of fisherman & pelicans. Before helena - new road, big canyon & huge, rough rocks. Still traveliing under clear blue skies.

Gas stop at Helena - $2.90/gal (have to use a higher octane for mtns) = $58.23, also got groceries at Albertsons. It was fun shopping in this large supermarket - bananas were only 69 cents/lb - I wouldn't pay that at home, but I got really crazy & bought 2! Many items, like blueberries were the same price I would pay at home. Ron bought 2 small containers of Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

Seems there are casinos at every gas station, plus. They really need rain around here - gee, they should talk w/Alaska & make a deal! After we turned onto Hwy 12 E we traveled over rolling hills w/mountains all around us (but no snow-capped peaks). It is very hot here! The road is a good 2-lane w/fairly steady traffic. Turned onto 287 S, near Three Forks, there is lots of irrigation for potato, bean fields + other crops. Stopped at Wheat Montana, they sell bulk bags of different types of wheat, have a great deli & soup menu and lots of yummy looking baked goods - yup, Ron bought some - got a giant cinnamon roll for $2 - he couldn't help thinking about the one that was almost the same size in BC that he paid $9 for!!! They also sell some keepsakes, so I picked up a big chili bowl & some other misc. goodies. Everything there is made locally (soap, honey, soup mixes, etc.) It was a nice little break, I was sorry I'd already had lunch as some of their menu choices sounded really good - they looked good too! There was a Mennonite family selling fresh produce in the parking lot so I bought some beets - yippee!

Turned onto I-90 to Bozeman, MT. We checked into Bear Canyon RV Park about 3 pm, it's very hot so we rested for a few minutes & then left for a short drive the local county fair. It was a lot like our home-town fair, but smaller & unpaved - so much dust everywhere! We toured the 4-H exhibits & had dinner (Ron's favorite food)! He was going to have the Cowboy Cocktail, but it wasn't very big so he got BBQ pork sandwich instead. Of course he had a big order of fries to go w/it. I had a good chicken burrito, something a little different. The biggest difference I noticed was that there were more pairs of cowboy boots than tennis shoes! Little kids, giggly teen-aged girls - all dressed up to impress the young cowboys & of course the cowboys themselves - all had on their boots! We didn't stay for the rodeo - but it was interesting to see a little slice of life in the West!

The RV Park was very neat & nice - had a beautiful swimming pool, the laundry room was very nice (like uptown) as were the bathrooms. We were parked w/others along the back of the park & the lot was very uneven - the main part of the park seemed much more level. We had an awful time trying to get almost level! The park is high on a hill & we could look at farms below us, heard sandhill cranes singing to each other right below us & after dark enjoyed seeing stars & the lights in the city a short distance away. The part we didn't like was the constant trains nearby. They sounded like they were coming right up the driveway! The WiFi was poor unless I went near the laundry.

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