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Approaching Grand Coulee

Roosevelt Lake

Grand Coulee Dam, the largest in the USA

Info if you can read it

This cube filled 12 million times makes up the Grand Coulee

A major project in the 30's that saved the land and made...

Check this out

10 Spillways, 8'6" wide

This was a great show to see, sorry my pictures did not...

Divers used building the dam (helmet 80lbs and boots 40lbs)

This letter was from a woman that was loosing her land to...

This shows how dry the land is without water, and it is...

We are no in the dam

One of the large generators

Close up of the spillway

Looking down from the top of the dam

Another down view, cannot remember hanging over to get this picture

This is a picture of the visitors center

This flag is flying on the rocks above the dam

My attempt at taking pictures of the laser show

Oh well music and the laser show was really good

Miles today 103

Today we are headed for Coulee Dam and will be taking a tour of the dam. This area is just an over nighter to see the dam.

The Coulee Dam is nearly a mile long and made up of 12 million cubic years of concrete, the dam is the largest concrete structure and the largest electric power producing facility in the United States, the largest is in China. It produces 6.5 million kilowatts of power and irrigates over a half million acres of Columbia River Basin farmland that would be absolutely worthless with out the water and now is thriving farmland. We were able to go down into the dam, and standing inside and realizing how much water surrounded you was something to think about. The end of the tour we were taken up to walk on the top of the dam, something that until this summer they have not done since 9/11.

When you think about how primative the tools were and building something of this magnitude it is unbelievable. Rooselvelts wife stated she thought he had been sold a bill of goods. This was part of the put america back to work. And employed 8,000. Wonder if we could come up with a way to employee 8000 people today on one project??

In the evening we went back to see a great laser to music show, that was shown on the face of the dam. Pictures did not come out, so this will be put into my memory bank not to forget, because there are no pictures.

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