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Trenton, ME - Timberland Acres RV Park - Site 212

Trenton, ME - Timberland Acres RV Park - Site 212, another view

Acadia Loop Road 1

Acadia Loop Road 2

Acadia Loop Road 3 - small islands off of Bar Harbor -...

Acadia Loop Road 4

Acadia Loop Road 5

Acadia Loop Road 6

Acadia Loop Road 7

Acadia Loop Road 8 - the back of the beaver dam

Acadia Loop Road 9 - the pond side of the dam

Acadia Loop Road 10 - the creek that was dammed

Acadia Loop Road 11

Acadia Loop Road 12 - one of two beaver lodges

Acadia Loop Road 13 - the other lodge

Acadia Loop Road 14 - the Schooner Margaret Todd in the harbor

Acadia Loop Road 15

Acadia Loop Road 16

Acadia Loop Road 17

Acadia Loop Road 18

Acadia Loop Road 19 - Thunder Hole - when the tide is...

Acadia Loop Road 20 - looking into the Thunder Hole

Acadia Loop Road 21

Acadia Loop Road 22

Acadia Loop Road 23 - Bubble Pond - formed by ancient glaciers

Acadia Loop Road 24

Acadia Loop Road 25

Acadia Loop Road 26 - Bar Harbor from the top of Cadillac...

Acadia Loop Road 27

Acadia Loop Road 28

Acadia Loop Road 29 - there has to be a cell signal...

Acadia Loop Road 30

Acadia Loop Road 31 - lobster fisherman loading up - Doris offered...

Acadia Loop Road 32 - Fishing boats in Northeast Harbor

Scenes Around Acadia 1

Scenes Around Acadia 2

Scenes Around Acadia 3

Scenes Around Acadia 4 - Somes Sound -the only fjord on the...

Scenes Around Acadia 5 - lots of lobster pounds in the area

Frenchman Bay Cruise 1 - the schooner Margaret Todd - the only...

Frenchman Bay Cruise 2 - some smaller sailboats in the harbor

Frenchman Bay Cruise 3 - lobster boats in the harbor

Frenchman Bay Cruise 4 - the Bar Harbor Inn

Frenchman Bay Cruise 5 - getting ready to hoist the sails

Frenchman Bay Cruise 6 - ahoy there matey, how about grabbing a...

Frenchman Bay Cruise 7 - the aft two sails are almost up

Frenchman Bay Cruise 8 - now it's time for the two foremasts

Frenchman Bay Cruise 9 - all sails are up and full of...

Frenchman Bay Cruise 10 - a lobster trap float in the bay

Frenchman Bay Cruise 11 - a harbor seal is curious

Frenchman Bay Cruise 12 - the lighthouse on Egg Rock

Frenchman Bay Cruise 13 - Mt. Desert Island from asea - Cadillac...

Frenchman Bay Cruise 14 - the shops of Bar Harbor

It was a fairly nice 99 mile trip across Maine to get to Trenton which is just above Acadia National Park. The first 24 miles was that bad section of road we took to Greenville but the rest of it was good for the most part though there were two short sections between Bangor and here where there was no pavement, just pot-holed dirt as they are repaving those sections. Timberland Acres is a very large campground with 232 sites of which 172 are full hookup and 70 of those very long pull-throughs. We have 50 amps and good Verizon coverage. The satellite was also a quick, easy sighting. We will be staying here a week to allow us to see Acadia and the surrounding area without hurrying.

Monday we headed for Acadia National Park. There is a large island south of Ellsworth, ME., Mt. Desert Island, of which over half of it is included in Acadia National Park. The park is very mountainous with the highest peak on the Eastern US coast, Cadillac Mountain, being part of the park. After spending about an hour at the Hull Cove Visitor Center, we embarked on the Park Loop Road. This is a loop around the Eastern portion of the park that includes most of the popular sights in the park. While at the visitor's center, we purchased an audio tour of the park which explains each area on the loop road. It is very worthwhile and we have found these tour CDs to be very useful in in seeing the parks and learning about them. It is almost like having a personal tour guide since you can go at your own pace and still have all of the information available. We used one a couple of years ago at Gettysburg and that was our first introduction to them.

We were able to see most everything on the loop road Monday except for Jordan Pond and to hike the Jordon Pond nature trail. We didn't get to that area until about 1:30 p.m. and it was so crowded there was absolutely no parking anywhere. We will go back there earlier in the day later in the week. We also wanted to go back to Thunder Hole when the tide would be higher as that is when it is the most impressive - probably Thursday or Friday.

Tuesday we took a cruise aboard the four-masted schooner, Margaret Todd, around Frenchman Bay. This is the bay on the Eastern side of Mt. Desert Island and where Bar Harbor is located. It was a beautiful day, full sunshine, a slight breeze and moderate temperature so it was really nice. It was the first time either of us had been on a sailboat and we were impressed with how much nicer it is to just hear the wind in the sails rather than a large diesel engine as you glide through the water. The ship sails three times a day with the first cruise at 10:00 a.m. being part of the park ranger programs and having a park ranger aboard to inform you about the area.

After the cruise we went to the Bar Harbor Whale Museum. It doesn't look like much on the outside but was one of the best museums we have been in. It had very informative displays and a continuously running movie on whale migration between Hawaii and Alaska that was very nicely done. We then went to look around Bar Harbor a little bit. It is a quaint town much like many other small town tourist areas - a lot of high priced shops and restaurants - so that didn't take us long! :)

Today, Wednesday, it has been raining all day and we have stayed in. We still have lots planned for the next three days so I will go ahead and post this one now and include the rest on another posting Saturday night.

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