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Obviously, for the purpose of this blog we have given overviews of our adventures, because we don’t want to bore anyone too much (we’ll do that when we get back, go on invite us to dinner, we dare you!!). In general, days, maybe a week of walking and hiking adventures may be overviewed in a few sentences. What we have also spun over is the amount of time it takes to get between places. Leaving Patagonia took days and days of driving through endless terrain, stopping at nightfall, eating round a campfire, pitching a tent, sleeping, then leaving at first light and driving for over twelve hours. We have read a ridiculous amount of books.

Some of the scenery in Patagonia, as alluded to before, is amazing, so it isn’t a chore to just look out the window. Mountains and lakes and rivers of great beauty have floated by, their names unknown but their essence breathed in, hungrily. Sometimes we stop at the side of the road. Other times we stop in random national parks. One of these was right next to a hanging glacier, with huge waterfalls next to it, tumbling down from the mountains. It was so tasty we stayed until lunchtime, got up extra early and hiked up to the top.

We are also crisscrossing between borders regularly, between Argentina and Chile. Chile is the worst (though technically the most developed country in South America so worst means, grudgingly, professional and thus slightly bureaucratic and anal). They go through all your bags slowly and thoroughly, so a border crossing can take hours. Argentina tends to be much quicker and unprofessional, therefore I prefer those ones, perhaps it is just the opportunist criminal in me? I’ve also noticed loads of signs everywhere in Argentina, particularly at border crossings, about how they own the Falklands. I am careful to write my occupation as “teacher” not “technically still British Army” as I’m not sure how this would go down (though I’m sure fine, they seem a friendly bunch).

The landscape has been slowly changing as we reach the Lake District, getting more green and alpine esque. We finally arrived in Bariloche in the middle of a hurricane. There are times when a tent seems like a considerably foolish mistake...

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