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The table before I put the plates on.

Walter, Ron and Bob

Kim and Richard. Man in background is Alaska Bob who came to...

Thursday morning we decided that the cupboard was bare. Too bare – we had to go get some groceries. So we made out a list and headed for Parker. We stopped to say hello to Walter and Kim (Walter is the builder of our park and Kim his helper) who were working on the clubhouse. Walter gave me the electric bill for the Lot Owners Association (I am the treasurer) so we took it along to get the name changed into the name of the Association instead of Walter. Couldn’t do that at the office – have to call corporate next week.

But we did stop at the thrift store, as I wanted to check out some t-shirts for work this summer. I go 5 of them for a dollar each. Now if I have to paint – I will be able to do it without messing up my good shirts.

We also got a mess of groceries. We didn’t even stop at the Wal*Mart there as it is so bad. We went to the Safeway and found everything on our list and then some.

After we got home, I was able to repackage all the meat and get it in the freezer. Most of the groceries are put away, except for the canned veggies. I have to store them out in the shed, as the storage in the RV for cans is limited. I will have to watch this carefully as it is even more limited in the little RV.

Friday started out as a normal day - I was on the computer and Ron was sleeping in late.

About 10 he woke with headache and dizzy. I took his BP and it was very high. I decided not to fool around but called 911. I was afraid he would have a stroke.

By the time the EMTs got here the BP was down a bit but they said they thought we should check it out.

We were at the ER for a little over 4 hours with blood tests, x-rays and a CT scan. All showed nothing. His BP leveled out and they sent us home and said to follow up with family Dr.

So, we came home and all is well. We were hungry as we had both skipped breakfast and lunch. Luckily, I had already put a crock-pot of chili on this am and it cooked while we were gone. We felt much better after eating.

Saturday was a lazy healing day. Ron’s BP was down but he said he still felt wobbly. So we just played on the computers, read, napped in our chairs and generally took it easy. By late afternoon Ron felt good enough to walk to the mailbox and back. By bedtime he said he felt normal and was looking forward to today. We both got a good night’s sleep and it is a good day.

While in Parker on Thursday, I picked up a turkey for dinner today. I decided to ask some of the bachelors here to dinner at 4. So I will have Walter, Kim, Tomas, Richard and Bob here along with Ron. We will eat on a table under the shade house. Of course, I only have plates, place mats and napkins for 6 so with 7, I will have to be creative. They probably won’t notice, but I will. I’ll try to post some pictures later.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday. I’ll see you on Thursday.

Added on Monday: Only 4 of them showed up so we had enough room. Pictures added.

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