Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

street of Naples, and rubbish

stone-tiled old church

Lexi on the street

inside the church, amazing

having a break

old castle by the ocean

lexi enjoying a great pizza!

We really enjoyed our time in Amsterdam and could stay much longer there if we could but we have a long way ahead of us, so we sadly left Amsterdam and flew into the country we both really wanted to visit for a long time, Italy. We changed our itinerary to go to Italy next, as we were advised that it will be extremely busy in Italy in August due to its holiday time.

So we arrived our first city in Italy, Naples. First impression we had about this city wasn’t so great. The town was completely deserted (it was Sunday), and full of rubbish on every corner of the streets. We stayed close to the station which was in a bit of an unsavoury part of town. However we kept walking through this old traditional town of Southern Italy, and were happy to see some little Italian cafes and deli shops on tiny cobbled streets. We went into one of the oldest churches in Naples and it was absolutely amazing. It was huge, high-ceilings with colourful stained glass windows, it was a completely different world once you stepped inside.

We also enjoyed great coffee at a small café, and at night we had delicious Neapolitan pizza at traditional Italian restorante. The pizza was just simply topped with cheese, tomatoes and basil, but we couldn’t believe how something so simple tastes so damn good.

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