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Hemingway's recreated sitting room is upstairs

Waterfront from a jetty

more waterfront

town clock bell rings on the hour

Lunch @ Hemingway's hang out

Hemingway's bar seat next to the "legs"

The resort town of Petoskey, Michigan has been a lovely change. Not just one section of town but the entire town has the look of well groomed Victorian era. Pictures did not capture the entire scene- homes are elegant, well manicured grounds; businesses of speciality shops, boutiques, restaurants, government reflect a warm charm; it is exciting to watch the locals in combination with the tourists enjoy the clear blue of Lake Michigan. Part of the waterfront is known as sunset bay. Folks sit on benches or on the lush lawn as the great ball in the sky descends into the lake. It was a special experience. Chief Petosega, Odawa tribe settled this area. His father a fur trader; his mother an Odawa Indian. The Odawa(Ottawa) Casino is lavish, clean with excellent food service. In addition to the city being named in honor of the chief, the state stone is also called petoskey. The short explanation of fossilised coral. By the way, these are easy to locate on the beach. Most famous of the summer resort notables was Ernest Hemingway. History says while sitting in the second seat from the end of the bar, he created the series "Nick Adams". City Park Grill has been an embibement establishment since its beginning in 1877. Rumor says(actually the waitress) a tunnel runs under the hotel to the water, only two walking blocks distance, for use during prohibition days! Many mouth watering choices were on the menu - it's too difficult to make these choices. Our food was scrumptious. It's time to walk. Gotta keep the ol' ticker beating. Tomorrow our plans are to travel; perhaps, Traverse City.

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