USA Tour ,and on, with Steve, Shirley, and Frances 2008 travel blog

We have been spending the Succot "Season of our Joy" here in Lucerne Valley, California at Old Paths Assembly with Alan and Roberta Stanfield, Yaakov and Valerie Rice and many other friends and making new friends. This truely has been a joyful season. We have been a little slack in posting any updates because Shirley has been busy teaching out of the Life Model on how to bring a community into maturity so that we can live at our full potential, being everything we were created to be and able to do all that we are destined to do by our Creator. We are seeing how important this teaching and understanding is to those who are coming into community in these historic prophetic times that are upon us.

We have also been giving our Harp and Story presentations, and Steve has been giving the morning devotionals using the harp and sharing some of the music from the Psalms that he has been working on; also teaching a class on edible wild plants.

We have also been decompressing a little as well. It has been quite a push to get all the states we needed to by Succot, so once we got here, we sort of crashed for a couple of days. We all sensed that there was something significant that was accomplished when we finished Phoenix, Arizona. There was a greater level of authority and a diminishing level of attack or resistance that we felt. We see that in completing the "circle" around the parimeter of the USA, we now have a greater authority and advantage over the enemy for finishing this assignment.

An update on the motorhome: We have now been told that we need a complete engine rebuild or else a short block from the factory. When the heads were removed to do the valve job, it was discovered that one of the cylinders was badly damaged from the valve that had started the whole chain of events. The estimate for either the short block from the Ford factory or a rebuild is about $5000, so we are praying about whether we should spend this money or just store the motorhome somewhere and call it good. Please be in prayer with us for the answer to this decision.

We are hoping and praying that each of you has had a blessed Succot celebration. We are always torn about where to spend Succot since we have so many family and friends scattered around the country. Every time we go out, the family/Mishpocha grows and it gets harder and harder to say our goodbyes when we have to move on. We are looking forward to the Messianic Kingdom when we don't ever have to say goodbye again!

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