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View from the 'cool coffee' shops

Me & Em and NO ONE ELSE in the Hawaiian Shack


Em's "Where's my vodka?!" face!

"Ahhhhh there it is!!!"

Em and a 5ft Indian girl who was cool and mental and...

Wave your fags in the air, like you just don't care!!!

Everybody was Kung-Foo fighting!! One of the many classic tunes played that...

The previous barman was being rushed to A&E.

He'll be joining him soon!

Our little barman Swapnil

The 5ft Indian girl grew as the night went on...

Can you spot Emma?!

Em's thumb is going right in her mouth!

No I said "smile"!

Uh oh, Today didn't start well!

I finally got through to Delhi office of BA and was told that we weren't able to re-book our flights on the phone and pick up the new ones at the airport (as told by Trailfinders, thanks for that!). We would have to go in person to the Mumbai office to get new tickets issued.

Ok no problem.

Except for the fact that it is now Saturday morning and the Mumbai office is only open from Monday to Friday...................................DOH!!!!

So it looks we haven't made it out of India just yet then!!!

Not good news.

But in true British style it was chin up and try to make the best of it!

Em had noticed something in an Indian Newspaper (yeah she reads Indian Newspapers, what!?!) that all the cool kids hang out in Bandra, a district in the North part of Mumbai (towards the airport).

We thought we'd check that out as we're stuck here!

It took about an hour to get to Bandra, but then we had to try and find the places listed in Em's Indian bible!!!

A couple of spurious Tuk-Tuk rides later we found one of the hang-outs, a couple of coffee shops by the ocean.

They were just ordinary coffee shops and didn't seem THAT cool but it was 'slightly' more peaceful and chilled out here then down by our hotel.

We even spotted a couple of other Westerners walking about!

We 'chilled' here for a bit and then headed off in search of a bar/club that Em had also read about in her bible, the Hawaiian Shack.

It was only about 7pm by the time we found it (after another couple of unsuccessful Tuk-Tuk rides again!) but we went in hoping it was more of a bar than a club.

It was a bit of both really but we were the only ones in there for about 15 minutes!

The lighting was very low key and The Eagles was playing as we walked in (Hotel California - Em's favourite song!). It seemed quite cool and the omens looked good.

Even the Spurs game started on the TV by us. India was looking up!

It then changed over to the Liverpool game 5 minutes in, probably a good thing really. Well done Super Spurs, 2 for 2!

Anyway as the night progressed we met a few Indian guys (including our waiter Swapnil) who all seemed quite cool and up for a good night.

About 2 hours in the place was rammo and there was a really cool vibe in there. The DJ was playing some absolutely classic English tunes and even the barmen started juggling flaming bottles!

We left at about 2am but as there was no traffic it only took us about 20 minutes to get back to the hotel!

When we got there all the shutters were down though which made us cack them a bit but luckily the night guard let us in.

This was by far the best night we have had in India, and we even met a coupe of nice Indians that didn't want our money too!!


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