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The bridge crossing into the campgrond area...snow and ice on the lake

One lane bridge...snow and ice abound on this frosty day

One lane bridge..Up the hill and around the bend the campsights begin

From the bridge you can see the frozen water and snow below

You can see tracks in the snow on the lake where an...


Archie makes final adjustments to the Sat. system...hard to find signals amongst...


Old Stone Fort Archeological State Park

Manchester, Tennessee 70 miles south of Nashville.

Weather: Cold / Sunny Highs in the 40’s Lows in the 20’s

January 13, 2010

Hello Family and very close friends,

We departed Maryville this morning feeling fine and hoping for warming air in Middle Tennessee. The Cougar loaded up with no problems and with great anticipation we left home base and got about 15 minutes down the road and suddenly we realized we forgot a very important item ….The TV!!! Turned around and wasted about 30 minutes picking up a very important appliance. Can’t go with out my FOX news you know!!!

The pull over the Plateau was uneventful and easy. Outside air temp was around 31 and we saw where the folks on the Cumberland Plateau did have a good amount of snow. The warm sun was making it disappear rather quickly. The BEAST purred like a kitten and we made the trip in about 3 hours. Didn’t see a lot of other RVs on the road along our route…oh well, it is WINTER!!!

Along our route on I-40 we notice fuel prices steadily increase the farther West we traveled, especially diesel fuel, at a high of 2.89 and unleaded at 2.75. We jumped off I-40 at the 288 exit in Cookeville and traveled roads over to Manchester about 75 miles. One good thing….the roads from Cookeville are all 4 lane with light traffic to deal with.

Our plan was to not stop for fast food at a restaurant but to stop along the way and eat in the Cougar. That is one good benefit of dragging your house around with you. You can stop and eat, drink…use the bathroom at anytime. I like that. We had a cold diet coke, chips and good ole SPAM sandwiches. Truly food fit for a King.

We arrived at the park on time. On the narrow road leading into the campground we notice the lake was frozen over. As we crossed the one lane bridge on the approach to the turn-in, we were taken back by the scenery and of the winter seclusion that would soon be ours.

As we entered the camping area we noticed we were the only campers in the whole park.….now that is nice. We have all of this to ourselves. We scoped out and found a nice comfortable back-in site in the woods close to the bath house. With a little help from my Co-pilot Chris, we backed the Cougar in and set up housekeeping.

The satellite was a breeze to set up and I find a good signal between the bare branches of the trees that surrounded us….lucky us!!! TV tonight!!! Over the air antenna reception was nil!!!

Well….I’ll cut this update short and as we explore this gem of a state park over the next 10 days, more updates will come. Of course, we are primarily here to visit with Chris’s mom and family. Manchester and Tullahoma are in Coffee County and Tullahoma is both our hometowns. We hope to hook up with some of our old class mates from High School as well.

We are hoping for more warm weather over the next few days. Tonight, we will snuggle up in the Cougar and dream of sandy beaches and warm gulf stream air. Will that make a difference??? You doggone right it will. You got to love winter time camping.

Oh yes…to my buddies at DENSO….suffer!!!!! ;)

Check out the pictures at the top of the log…..more to come in the next update. Please sign the guest log to let us know you were here!!!

In memory of my Dad……the adventure continues……

Later Alligators,

Archie, Chris and Chad (The wonder dog)

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