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Upper Mesa Falls

Lower Mesa Falls

At the top of the Pass leading to Jackson

Tetons over Taggart Lake

Along the Bradley Lake Trail

Big moon rising

Twin Oceans Lake

Grand Tetons from the Valley Road

Emma Matilda Lake

Grand Tetons from the Trail

Emma Matilda Lake

Tetons from Snake River Overlook

Tasteful arch of horns in Jackson Town Square

Today I moved to the Grand Teton National Park. This means "big breasts" in French. What is it with the French?! I thought they were meant to be sophisticated about this kind of thing? And is that what breasts looked like in Pioneer days! Sheesh, no wonder they spent so long out hunting.

I could have driven South through Yellowstone Park but instead drove round through Idaho, not just so I could go through another state and try and work out what "My Own Private Idaho" might be, but to go down two scenic byways and in particular to visit Mesa Falls. The byways weren't very scenic, except for great views of the big breasts at the end, but Mesa Falls were good.

I got a motel right in the centre of downtown Jackson Hole, the main base for the Tetons and the skiing round here. This is a very attractive place in a posh, pretend cowboy sort of way. Certainly the poshest place I've seen in Wyoming, which ain't saying much though. There are covered wooden boardwalks instead of pavements and some fine and expensive places to eat. I had a fantastic Thai meal this evening (at "Thai Me Up").

Before my nice dinner I had spent a fruitless couple of hours trying to renew my car rental, but I gave up on that and instead went for a 6 mile walk around some lakes at the base of the Teton range. Maybe as we're a couple of thousand feet lower than Yellowstone, the trails were easy to find, and not too much ploughing through snow. It reminded me a lot of the East Sierras, and I had a flashback to near the beginning of this trip, and my fear of black bears then - which I don't fear at all now - but I spent a lot of today's hike looking out for grizzlies instead!


I sorted my car rental this morning, and because there was freezing fog everywhere went and did some shopping while I was waiting for the fog to burn off. However, it didn't seem to be lifting, so I drove off to the hike I was going to do anyhow, only to find it wasn't fogggy in that part of the Valley. And most of the snow has melted too. So I did a really enjoyable 9 miles of lakes, hills and forests, with occasional stunning views of the Teton Range. I didn't see a single other person, and it was very peaceful and quiet. I couldn't fully relax though as I was being vigilant for grizzlies wanting a last munch of long-pig before hibernation time. I saw lots of their scratches on trees, but no bears, thankfully.

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