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Our Flag, across from High Plains Campground

Cattle grazing in a Kansas Pasture

Taking advantage of the wind for energy

This scene went on for miles

Beli, Vesna, Ralph, Rosalie & Ed

Beli and Ed listening....

As Ralph tells a story

Rosalie, Marilyn and Vesna

Yesterday we experienced one of those days I like. Boring!!

We were awakened by a phone call from our daughter, Jennifer. She knew we had cell phone service. :) Actually, I had encouraged her to call us on her way to work, letting her know that we would use her call as a "wake up" call.

I did the journal entry and we had our morning coffee before driving across the road to fill up with diesel fuel. We also filled up at Junction City, Ks, paying $4.01 per gallon.

It was a pretty routine trip yesterday, except for the quartering headwind blowing across the Kansas plains at 30 mph. That cut into out fuel mileage pretty badly.

We drove 299 miles yesterday, which included driving past the the entrance to the Deer Creek Valley RV Park. That required me to take a few back roads trying to locate a place to turn the rig around.

Our fuel mileage for the day was only 9.3 mpg due to the headwind. Bummer!

Once we arrived at Deer Creek Valley RV Park, we were delighted to find a brand new RV park, with large, level, concrete pads, surrounded by trees which are nice for the scenery but do little to block the traffic noise from the Interstate, just a short distance away. This is the finest RV park we have found in this area and we will definitely stay here again.

We were set up in a short time and had just came inside when my cell phone rang. It was our friend, Ralph, informing us that he and Rosalie, along with Beli and Vesna, were about 40 minutes away. Great!

I quickly ran to take a shower, even though the water wasn't hot yet. I used only the hot side from the water supply and it was warm enough to get a much needed shower. I had dressed and walked to the office to check on some good places to have dinner, before answering my cell phone again. This time it was Ralph informing me that they had passed by our location and were on their way back to us.

We watched them drive in and greeted thse good friends with hugs all around.

Beli and Vesna brought us a gift of some very nice wine and a set of beautiful, hand painted coasters from Croatia. Thank you again, our dear friends.

We showed them around our RV and we all were able to sit inside, out of the chilly rain. We sat with the fireplace on and some soft music playing in the background, sharing a glass of wine and some good conversation.

We had to take both vehicles to dinner because their car was a small one and we had our truck loaded with "stuff".

We enjoyed a great dinner at "Timberline" steak house. Great food with wonderful conversation and much laughter! Life is good!

After a liesurely dinner we returned to the RV, where the lively conversation continued, and a few more glasses of wine were shared with these good friends.

Beli entertained all of us as he related the experience we had flying from Paris, France, to London, England, and then on to Kano, Nigeria where we landed only 20 miles from the war, in the middle of the night, to refuel, then continuing on to Lusaka, Zambia. The detours to avoid the war, the thunderstorms, requiring us to climb to 45,000', the refusal of an air traffic controllers request to descend to 28,000' because that would mean running out of fuel before reaching our destination.

We also laughed as Beli related our experience crossing a river on a raft in the middle of the night, with the hippos making very disgruntled noises in the river beside our raft.

All of these things were exciting challenges in my flying career, and I don't speak much of them, but it was fun to re-live this part of my career with the pilot who shared the experience with me.

Beli is now picking up a new aircraft to take it to Cairo, Egypt. His wife, Vesna, will fly with him as a flight attendant some of the time.

Our friends finally had to leave to drive back to Wichita, where Ralph & Rosalie would pick up their own car and continue to Enid, Oklahoma. It would be past 1:00 AM when they get home.

Marilyn & I watched some of the RNC after our company left. We enjoyed the speech by Sarah Palin after laughing aloud at the former mayor of New York as he gave his Keynote Address.

Marilyn stayed up long after I went to sleep. The rain will hopefully be gone and the sun may return today. Our rig is really dirty now, after driving in the rain for several hours yesterday.

I do have several pictures to post for you this morning. Yesterday was a good day and we look forward to whatever this day has in store.....

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