We saw hundreds of elk and 70 moose in the park, we...
















Hundreds of elk in the field as the sun sets..





This big boy visited our campground often...

Last one!

We all had a wonderful time staying at the Elk Creek RV Park in Grand Lake, Colorado. It was located only one quarter mile from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. We made so many trips into the park just to view the wildlife, the last three days we went each night around 7 to 8 in the evening. This is when all the wildlife is out eating in the fields and some were even all over the roads.

We can not even count the amount of elk we saw, it has to be way up in the hundreds. We did all count the moose sighting, we had a total of 70 moose. We might have seen the same one many times, but the total was huge for us. We have been all over Alaska searching for moose as well as Maine and other states without seeing anything near this many moose. I was in moose paradise. :-) I am adding a lot of pictures taken during these three days of wildlife viewing and hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Soon we will be driving to Central City, Colorado. We will be taking Vickie and Sammy back to the airport in Denver on Thursday. We all had a wonderful two weeks together. It could not have been more perfect. Rocky Mountain National Park was the perfect place for all of us, we enjoyed every minute in the park and will certainly be making more return trips into this awesome park. Check back later for more updates from Central City, Colorado.

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