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We are aaking for continued prayers for George(Linda's Brother) and Kathy. He has been in the hospital for 5 weeks now waiting to have a LVAD installed in his heart. He had problems that needed clearing up before they could proceed. Well Valentines day they finally got it done. He is really doing good but that's just the start. There is a lot of does and don'ts with a system like that. Kathy needs as many or more prayers than George does she will have to do it all.

We had never heard of a LVAD (Left Ventricular assist device) system before. It's a mechanical pump that is installed inside the chest. It doesn't replace a heart it pumps for it. The wires from the pump go to a controller and batteries that are on the outside of the body. When he is not plugged in to an outlet he will wear a vest that will carry the controller and 2 batteries that are hooked to the pump and 2 spare batteries. With a system like that he doesn't have a pulse anymore you use another device and chart to determine an average blood pressure. You put the senser on a vain and you adjust it when you hear a sound then you look at a chart to determine his blood pressure.

We left the trailer in the La Feria and drove up on the 15th. He really is doing good but he needs to start eating.

If you don't think prayers work look again at the pictures. Thats Dave and Peggy he's the guy that a few days before Christmas they were getting ready to call the family in from Michigan they didn't think he would make it. Two days after that he came to and he having a full recovery. We call him our Christmas miracle

The Valentines program and meal at Kenwood was great. I think there were around 100 people.

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