Sam taking his test...

Sam the new Junior Ranger..

We are so proud of Sammy, he earned his Junior Ranger badge from Rocky Mountain National Park today. He has been working on this badge since his first visit to the park. He had to spot birds, elk, moose and more in the park.

He also had to answer a lot of questions from a ranger after he studied his Junior Ranger booklet from the park. He learned all about the elevations in the park and how the plants were able to live at the top of the tundra as well as around the lakes and rivers in the Riparian areas. He even went to the visitors center and watched a video on the park to learn more. We are so proud of him, he worked hard for this one.

Junior Rangers at Rocky Mountain National Park have fun discovering the natural world, while learning about why we need to protect the special treasures found in our National Parks. We need the help of all our rangers to keep Rocky preserved and protected for many more years to come.

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