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This morning I had a visit at Houston Methodist Hospital in The Woodlands with Dr. Palmer to discuss the possibility of doing some repair surgery to my spine. One of his specialties is treating spinal trauma.

I’ve been in pain in the middle thoracic (shoulder blade) area since a seat back mishap in August 2014. I’ve tried everything I can think of or learn about to get relief, but nothing so far has done the trick. Today was my last-ditch effort to find a solution. Dr. Palmer said that the damage could be repaired but that it would be difficult. He said that the possible benefits do not justify the surgery and that he recommended against it. In spite of all the trauma to my spine, I’m in better condition than most people with similar history. Of course I am disappointed but have now resigned myself to just coping with it until the end of my days. At least I still can stand and walk and take care of myself.

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