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We know people who have made significant income buying, flipping, and selling houses. We are not those people. We have owned three houses in 45 years and made decent profits on the first two, mostly because we lived in them so long that the market carried us along in the wave of the housing boom. We know little about the real estate market, except that every time you sell something, a decent chunk or the proceeds go to the realtor. It's fun to keep an eye on what our current house is worth, but it really only matters when you actually want to sell it. The only reason we bought a campsite here is that it's so hard to find a decent place to camp in Florida in the winter that doesn't break the bank and require a reservation a year ahead of time. The management here can rent it out whenever we are not around so it pays for itself in property taxes and property owner's fees. It was so much less expensive when we wintered out west last year, that we actually made money by staying away. The park has many amenities that can keep us happy here for days on end, only leaving the bubble for groceries. It's a lovely place and we're delighted to own it.

We were surprised and pleased to find that our lot seems to have doubled in price since we bought it a few years ago. There have been many occasions when friends and family would have liked to join us here, so when the lot on one side of us went on the market last summer, we came down intending to buy it. However, it was vasty overpriced in our opinion and it is still on the market seven months later. When we returned here in the autumn, the lot on the other side of us was for sale as well at an equally high price. When these lots were occupied last time we were here, we were plagued by our neighbors' dogs barking. The old bulldog on one side had a basso profundo bark that was intermittent, but the small dog on the other side had a nervous yelp that went on incessantly and made me think of fingernails on a blackboard. Whenever his owner was around, she would yell at him each time after he barked. Her voice was less than melodious as well. It was a double blow to the ear drums.She also yelled at her visiting grandchildren regularly.

Perhaps because the price of sites here has gone up so much, there seem to be more than usual for sale. There is a steady stream of shoppers passing by, stopping on each side of us to pick up the tear sheets describing our neighboring lots and their amenities. But so far there have been no takers. It's slightly lonely, but overall we've relished the peace and quiet. When we're parked under the Spanish moss hanging from the oak trees with no one around, it really feels like camping.

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