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Not much to say along the way...This is California high desert in...








Heading into Barstow...don't know if it's still true, but Barstow once had...

Four lanes the whole day except for about ten miles past Barstow

In case I forget where I've been...

A lone Joshua tree

I've seen two shuttle landings at the mud flats at Edwards. Makes...






I bet a few more could be squeezed in there

Once over the Tehachapis I can almost coast to Bakersfield






Yep, those are real oranges. The trees were bare when Hunter and...

The rule: pick as many as you want. They are VERY sweet...

Some would say yesterday's drive from Needles to Bakersfield wasn't as scenic as the day before. It many ways it was, of course, but it was a different beauty. A high desert beauty. And one will find the high deserts even more beautiful when out there on foot or horseback. But driving I-40 and then CA-58, it's our planet's wonderful shapes and surprises that fill our senses along the roads.

I've never driven west on I-40 so much of this trip seemed new to me. Often you get an entirely different perspective when going the other way. The manager at the campground in Royal Gorge back in May, said I missed some incredible sights and vista points by only taking the 'loop' one direction.

I stayed last night in the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield and like the Meteor Crater Park in Winslow, I am still in their system. Have only stayed in each of those parks once...way back in 2010. Orange Grove was my first stop on my Big Trip. It's my last one on this trip.

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