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This afternoon I had my first visit with Dr. Mark White to discuss my options for relieving the pain in my upper back. He presented several: (1) steroid injections in the most painful areas, (2) low-dose naltrexone as a novel anti-inflammatory treatment, which reduces some of the adverse side effects of opoid analgesia therapy (3) Turmeric capsules to increase endorphin production and (4) possibly, kyphoplasty, which uses a “balloon” to open up the fractured vertebra so that bone cement can be injected to mend the fracture (that is, if my vertebra hasn’t already fractured too much for this to work).

My next appointment with Dr. White is scheduled for September 22. He will perform steroid injections in the four most painful areas. Four is the maximum that my insurance will cover for one visit – another example of insurance companies controlling our health care instead of letting doctors make those decisions. That is one of my greatest peeves!

I will get some turmeric capsules and hope for good results.

A couple days ago I had gone online to request an appointment with a tire service company in Dripping Springs. I had hoped to stop by there Thursday morning on my way to Fredericksburg for the next Cen-Tex campout. This afternoon I called to confirm the appointment and was told that this particular shop does not take appointments online; only their other shops in nearby towns do! The manager recommended another shop in Dripping Springs but they couldn’t schedule me until next week which wouldn’t work, of course.

This meant that I had to scramble to find another shop that could take me on short notice. Luckily, I found one in Buda which could do it tomorrow. The man who scheduled me said that it could take up to a day and a half to complete the job but that I could spend the night behind their shop. Well, that’s not ideal but it would work; I could run my generator so I could use the air conditioner. I made the appointment for tomorrow morning at 10:00.

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