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Tamworth Country Music Festival

Tamworth - Dancing to the Music

Tamworth - Busking Chicken

Tamworth - Di with Slim Dusty & Joy McKean

Pete with Smoky Dawson

Trip down Walcha Mountain

Accident on Walcha Mountain - Pete chats to traffic controller

Accident on Walcha Mountain - salvage job

Trip down Walcha Mountain

Trip down Walcha Mountain

Trip down Walcha Mountain

Our first view of the Hastings Valley

Home - Pete jumps for joy

Home - Di kisses the ground

Home - our rose garden

Home - our chicken coop

Home - our welcoming committee

The Country Music Festival was on in Tamworth and that was our next stop after Gunnedah. We found a parking spot close to the town and went off to enjoy the festival. There was entertainment everywhere we walked and lots of buskers singing and playing instruments, some people were dancing and it was a great atmosphere. We enjoyed our few hours there before starting on our final stage of our trip home.

We chose to go home via Walcha mountain instead of using the coastal highway. The scenery was really good to look at but the land was very mountainous and the road has lots of curves and hairpin bends. It started raining which just added to the challenge. Pete just took it slow and we cruised down the mountain. We were held up for around half an hour where a truck had gone over the side of the mountain the night before in some very rough terrain and they were carrying out salvage work. It just reinforces how dangerous it can be on the mountain roads especially in rain.

It was good to reach the bottom of the Walcha mountain and drive along the Hastings Valley towards Wauchope. The countryside looked so fresh and green and reaffirmed to us that we do live in a fantastic location. We have traveled around Australia and seen so many different landscapes, we have such a great country and we both are truly grateful we had the opportunity to do our trip.

We stopped at Long Flat Pub for a break before heading home. After we pulled into our driveway, Pete jumped for joy and I kissed the ground. We were home safe and sound and very thankful for that. Our chicken run and rose garden looked somewhat overgrown and a rabbit was sitting in our front yard welcoming us home.

Home sweet home, we had a great trip but boy it's good to be on home soil again!

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