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Carpe Diem at Three Rivers Elks Lodge

Whimsical water tank along M 60

We encountered considerable construction along M 60

Sans construction M 60 is a lovely road

The Three Rivers Elks Lodge
Carpe can be seen at the rear of...

Replica Wright Flyer hangs from Air Zoo ceiling

SR 71

Blue Angel T28 "Texan"

Sandi, an engineer, appreciates any recognition

Pratt & Whitney R4360 Wasp Major engine
Variants can produce up to 4,000...

Fri, 13 Sep: On the move on Friday The Thirteenth...

Thankfully, we're not triskaidekaphobic so it was just another day on the road. Our objective was fewer than 100 miles distant so we weren't in any particular hurry. After we got the house ready for the road, completed our check list, and got the car connected it was about 0915 when we rolled out the front gate of Greenwood Acres.

We took a different route to the Interstate, one with fewer antenna-grabbing trees. Still, considering that this park hosts in excess of 1,100 RVs, the approaches and park itself are rift with low trees. This seems to be our summer of trees as our antennae have taken a real beating.

Within a few miles we got to the I 94 on ramp and headed west thru Jackson to the M 60 exit. M 60 runs diagonally from I 94 west of Jackson to US 12 just north of the Indiana state line. It is a mostly well maintained two lane route that goes thru many small and not-so-small towns. It fits our requirement for scenic byways and was, for the most part, a pleasant journey.

The fly in the ointment was the multiple construction zones we encountered. They all choked the road down to a single lane with a flagger controlling traffic. Invariably we arrived just as the last westbound vehicle left so we had to wait for the next cycle. Possibly this was the Friday the Thirteenth effect after all...

We arrived in Three Rivers and pulled into the Elks Lodge (#1248) a few minutes after eleven. This is a remarkable lodge housed in an old home complete with turrets and gables (see pix). They have a large grassy area in the back, and if one is fortunate enough to park next to the shed (as we were) there is a single 50 ampere plug. No charge for visiting Elks, so we'll leave a donation in appreciation of their hospitality.

Today's drive covered 85 miles at an average speed of 39 mph. Our fuel economy was 7.7 mpg, a poor showing due mostly to the construction delays (idling yields 0 mpg) and a headwind. You can't win them all.

We are fewer than 30 road miles from Elkhart Indiana, our next destination. We'll be here thru Sunday playing tourist in the area. Today, however, is kick back and catch up with computer work.

Later in the day...

The Elks Lodge had dinner so we thought we'd support the Lodge by eating there. The special was wet burritos, and they were monsters. We each took half of our dinner back to the coach for a future meal.

Sat, 14 Sep: We played tourist today

A very, very lazy morning. The temps dropped into the low forties overnite so it felt really nice to stay under those warm covers as long as practicable. We eventually ventured out, turned up the heat, and faced the day.

After a very relaxing breakfast—we had chorizo and eggs using the last of our Food City chorizo—we drove the car north on US 131 to Kalamazoo. Today's destination was "Air Zoo" located near the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek airport.

Air Zoo is a very interesting air museum. In addition to the usual static displays, they also feature rides for kiddies and flight simulator time for big kiddies. All the "rides" are at an extra fee, which we eschewed.

Nevertheless, we spent three or four hours looking thru the many exhibits and displays spread among three distinct buildings. Sandi was especially fascinated with the aircraft engines on display, including a beautifully restored R4360.

A late lunch at the Kalamazoo Hooters and then back to Three Rivers and home. As this is being penned the Elks Lodge parking lot is beginning to fill up for a private wedding shower that'll last most of the evening. May be an earplug nite...

Tomorrow (Sunday) we plan to relocate to Elkhart, a short thirty miles from here. Stay tuned...

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