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Yesterday we got up early, packed a snack, and took the train downtown and walked the half mile to the harbor. The boarding passes said to be lined up on the pier by 9:15. Everyone told us it was cold out on the ocean so we dressed in layers, t-shirt, hoodie, and jacket. When we got on the boat it was too hot in the sun and some of the layers came off. When we departed with about 120 people on board it immediately cooled off. On the way out of the bay we saw bottle nose dolphins, seals, the dolphin training school where them teach them to look for bombs, an active nuclear submarine in for supplies, a field of fighter jets in for overhauls and testing, a plethora of sail boats, and a navy ship on a training voyage.

As we headed out of the bay and into the ocean it got colder and colder. Double hoods up, hands in pockets, huddle together cold. We watched for spouts, and watched for spouts, and then we watched some more. When we were 12 miles out we saw them, a pod of 6 gray whales, their flukes visible with each dive. It was so much better than anything I could of imagined. The captain followed behind them at a crawl until it was time to head back to the dock. A long cold ride. I am so glad we listened to the people who had already been on the trip because even though it was 80 degrees,off shore was bone chilling.

By the time we disembarked I had a throbbing headache. When we got home ,Dick went to his office to count sheep and even I took a short nap.

Today is parts installation day, laundry, and it's finally warm enough to use the pool.

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