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Yesterday we got on the bus and went downtown. I wanted to see it without the lights and noise. We had our picture taken with a million dollars at Binions Casino for FREE. It turned out really well and I wish I could turn it into this years Christmas card. We also took pictures in front of the Heart Attack Grill. It has a scales you stand on and a neon sign that says anyone over 350 lbs eats for free. Around the corner is the bus stop. I figured out where we needed to get off the bus to see the Gold & Siver Pawn Shop of reality TV fame. Dick said he didn't want to walk far because the cold air hurt his lungs. Turns out it was just down the street from the Hoover bus stop so we took pictures from across the street. People were lined up around the building to get in. They let just a few in at a time. I tried to attach the pictures but failed. I have asked for an IPAD for seniors book for Christmas.

There is a guy who blows a whistle and rides his bike from downtown to the end of the strip and back everyday all day. We are never anywhere but what we don't hear the whistle and soon he is riding by. There is something written on the back of his white plastic jacket but it makes no sense. He was at our bus stop downtown and passed us when we got off the bus at Slots a Lot. I have no idea how many miles he rides a day but I am sure he's ready for the Tour de France.

Everyday we see another version of Elvis. They are of every ethnicity ,both genders, little people, my personal favorite, Smurf Elvis. Harrah's has a Big Elvis that sings in one of the bars. He is about 6'7" and 300 lbs. they work the sidewalks for tips and will chase you down if you take a picture without paying a dollar.

Today is football. The Saints play at 10am Pacific time. Mom that means there is a 3 hour time difference. I love to chat with you every morning but 8:30 in Michigan is 5:30 in Vegas. Oh well I certainly don't have trouble falling asleep at night.

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