Krusen with the Kruses travel blog

Lots of thick forests in Connecticutt

Went thru Providence, Rhode Island

Crossing the Narragansett

State #3 - another new state

Somerset Brayton Point Power Station - coal-fired, not nuclear

Headed to Fall River

Borden Flats Lighthouse


Massachusetts has lots of trees, too

We've seen mile+ markers all along the East Coast

Houses are a different style back here

Home for the next week

Left Connecticutt, drove thru Rhode Island & into Massachusetts. It was a beautiful day for a drive. It was just a 2-hr drive - 104 miles total. We're getting spoiled by these short moves.

We're staying in Pinewood Lodge Campground. It appears to be an old resort-type campground but it has beautiful rv sites set among tall pine trees & lots of shrubs. Just electric & water but they have pumpout service available. Reasonably priced for the East Coast.

We had quite a thunderstorm this afternoon but it didn't last long & the sun came out shortly after the storm. It dumped a lot of water - flooded areas everywhere for awhile but most have soaked in now.

Tomorrow we'll go into Plymouth to a Visitor Center to figure out what we want to do in this area. Cape Cod & Boston are on our list for sure. Wifi here is terrible so our posts will be somewhat limited while we're here but there will be ... more later...

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