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Now this is what we expected of the Florida Keys!



Hidden houses & resorts along here

Lots of crab pots stacked up


Lovely little sailboat!







This island is evidently occupied - there's a pier beside it




That island is definitely inhabited





A bunch of jet skiers having a great time


Home for the next week

We moved a total of 88 miles today. It was a beautiful day for a drive, too - no wind. We're finally settled at Leo's Campground & RV Park on Stock Island in Key West. We arrived early but since no one was in our site last nite they allowed us to move in. That was easier said than done. Like most of the rv parks here, this is an older park that was built for smaller trailers. We have one of the larger sites - 38'. Bending our 35' trailer into the site took a lot of patience by both the driver & the director. After making several attempts from one direction (there was a pickup across the road from our site that was in the way), David decided to try from the other direction & got it in one try. Anyway, we're now all set up & the A/C has us cooled down.

This post is really just to share some of the beautiful sites we enjoyed on our drive this morning. We haven't actually been into Key West proper yet. We're planning to hitch a ride to Mallory Square this afternoon with a younger couple who are camping here in a tent. They're entertainers down at the square for the nightly sunset celebration - Elvis & Mrs Elvis. They seem like nice folks so why not!

More later...

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