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Leaving Cosca Regional Park - forest in the city gem of a...

All we saw of Joint Base Andrews as we headed north

Freeway backup in Baltimore

Finally found the countryside!


All of a sudden we're in farming country

Pretty farm

Cute older homes in York - definitely not on the West Coast

Susquehanna River

Old graveyard & UMC Church in Bird-in-Hand

Beautiful farm!

Yep, we're in Amish country!



Home for 12 nites - views from our back window

Watched the boy bring a change of mules & take others home

Woke up to heavy rain about 6:00 but it blew over quickly & was gone by 9:00 so we started packing up & were leaving Cosca Regional Park before 10:00. What was supposed to be a 3-hr drive turned into a 4-hr drive when there was an accident on our freeway around Baltimore. We made it safely thru the stop & go traffic & were soon in the country & into Pennsylvania - another new state.

We're now set for 12 nites at Beacon Hill Camping in Intercourse, PA. Our back window looks out on the fields of Sam's Farm (that's what the park map says) & we saw Sam (?) spraying a field using mules to pull the cart. Then a young son brought 2 fresh mules out to the field & took the tired mules back to the barn. Probably the most interesting activity we've seen out our back window!

Tomorrow there's a farmers market & an auction (buggies, antiques, miniature horses, quilts & food booths) in Bird-in-Hand. Sounds like fun! More later...

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