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This morning we broke camp and said good-by to a comfortable camp at Riverside Oasis. We are going to visit my brother, Kent, and his wife, Paula in Blanding, Utah. Blanding is only about an hour and a half away plus a few minutes that we are planning on swinging by to see the LDS Temple in Monticello and take a few pictures. Moab has been amazing and we have really enjoyed our visit here.

AS we headed south, we jokingly commented on whether or not we should stop and take a tour at “Hole in the Rock. But we were pleasantly surprised a short time later when we came upon another Arch and this one was right next to the highway. This was Wilson Arch. We parked and I took some pictures from the parking area and then made the steep climb up to the arch for some additional photos. It was really interesting and nice to have it so close to the road.

Well, do you remember the theme song from Gilligan’s Island about leaving for our three-hour boat cruise and wrecking and never making it back. Well, our experience wasn’t quite that bad, but… We stopped by the Temple in Monticello and walked around it and too some pictures. We left the motor home on the approach road where there was lots of room instead of in front of the Temple. We went back to the coach and fixed a sandwich before heading on to Blanding. After finishing our lunch, we headed down the road in front of the temple to head back to the highway.

As I was heading down the street, I noticed a construction project going on at the next intersection. There was a lot of dust blowing in to the air which I thought was strange until it dawned on me what it was. I immediately stopped and tried to carefully back up which was unsuccessful, of course. I had realized that what I saw was a ruptured gas main blowing raw gas into the air at a great pressure. I shut off the engine and looked around to see if anyone was around. I saw a worker standing on the other side of the intersection with his hands over his hears. Obviously, he was the one that had been operating the back hoe and broke the line.

About that time, I saw a Utah State Trooper rolling up on the opposite side of the blowout with his emergency lights on. They talked for a few minutes and then came over towards us. They asked us to get out and walk back further from the break because we were basically in the middle of the cloud of escaping gas. I made sure that everything was shut off and then we walked back over to the temple where we were away from the gas.

When the first representative of the gas company arrived (close to half and hour), I walked over and asked how long they expected to be to close it off. They claimed there were no valves that they could turn off so that they had to cap it in some way.

They finally got some more people there and appeared to be doing something so I asked what they were doing. It seems that they have a manual machine that they put over and under the paper (it looked kind of like the old wringers on the very old washing machines) with a wheel on it to crank it down. They result was pinching the pipe closed to cut off the gas flow. They had to do this is three different locations in order to finally get the gas flow stopped.

They finally said that it was safe for us to go…as soon as they examined the inside of our motor home to make sure that the gas inside of it was at a safe level. They determined that it was alright and that we could start it up and be on our way.

All of this only delayed us by about four hours!

We finally made it to Blanding and parked the motor home in Kent’s driveway. It is a really nice setup. He has it all set up for his trailer, including a sewer connection.

We visited for a while with them and then Kent and Paula’s daughter, Sherri, and her family came over to see us. After we visited for a while, Kent said that they wanted to take us out to dinner at “Twin Rocks Café”. I had no idea what they meant be said that we would be glad to go.

One of the exciting things about going to “Twin Rocks Cave” was that we were going to make the trip in Kent’s beautiful 1967 Chevelle Supersport. That was fun from the first time he hit the starter. So much fun to hear that kind of engine again.

It seemed like the trip was talking a long time and I wondered how far away this café was. But the visiting was fun and the ride was fun, as well.

Finally, we arrived in Bluff which was where the café was. And what an amazing sight it was…it turns out that the reason for the name of the café was the huge rock formation immediately behind the café. The formation was highlighted by the presence of two rock sentinels separated by additional rock formation.

We went inside a small diner-like café and I couldn’t help but wonder if the food could be worth the trip.

We ordered our food. Suzi and Paula ordered a Parmesan Crusted Tilapia which sounded really good. But, I followed Kent’s lead and ordered the Country Fried Steak.

When the food arrived, it was well worth the wait and the ride. The food was delicious and plentiful and we enjoyed the atmosphere, as well.

We headed back in the dark and enjoyed the ride and the visit.

When we got back to Kent’s, I had another treat. My niece Sherri gave me a long over-due haircut and did a really good job. It felt so good to have a few pounds of grey hair on the kitchen floor instead of on my head.

We visited until quite late and then went out to the coach for our night’s sleep. I didn’t even have time to right this journal episode before hitting the sack. I’m having to do some catch up now.

See you tomorrow.

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