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This is so people know where they really are.

You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd - nor can you...

They wouldn't get over - Road Hogs!!

They got even more up close and personal.

Artist's Paint pots.

Gibbon Falls

No Caption needed

We had just missed the last one.

So we sat on these great benched with backs. Better than the...

The balconies inside of Old Failthful Inn.

The fire place in the lobby.

Old Faithful from the upper deck of the Inn.

Thar she blows!!! Zoom is nice!!

Artisia Geyser at Firepot Lake

There were wildflowers everywhere.

These were pretty, too.

This is Beyrl Spings as it is so blue.

Grand Prismantic Springs as seen from the road. Parking lot was overflowing.

FirepotL Lake road was filled with small springs like these.

Our buffalo herd now resting in the meadow.

Elk grasing at Mammoth Springs Village

You know there were traffic jams here.

The babies were off in the shade.

Sorry it has taken so long to get this up. My air card had no bars and the WIFI at the campground was very slow - especially for pictures.

We didn't go back to Yellowstone on Wednesday as we had planned as I was feeling punk. Don't know the problem but just kinda achey and with some "tummy troubles". So we put it off another day.

Thursday morning we got up and going early to hopefully beat the traffic and maybe see some animals. Well, we got to see the back end of a lot of buffaloes. When we first stopped in traffic there was about a mile back up. By the time we finally got around them there was probably 2 to 2 1/2 miles of vehicles back of us. At one point the buffaloes left the road and a whole bunch got by - but they came back on the road just at we got to the front of the line and then there was a steep bank on both sides so they couldn't leave the road. So we just followed. About the time we would think we could get passed - cars would come from the other way or the buffs would spread out - or stop and glare at us. Since most of them were bigger than our truck - we gave them the right of way. They finally kinda split with some on one side and some on another and we went on thru. I didn't get any pictures as we were in their midst as I was too intent on getting outta there. Later we saw them way down the road just laying around.

Our route this morning was to Old Faithful. We covered some of the same territory as before, coming in the North Gate and heading south out of Mammoth Springs. We stopped a couple places that we hadn't seen or had skipped from Mammoth Springs to Norris. But then we were in new territory from Norris south.

It was good that we had started early as traffic was much better. The parking lot was full and backed up on the road to get into the Grand Prismatic Spring so we had to content ourselves with seeing it from the road.

Old Faithful was a zoo! We finally found a parking place back among the RVs and started walking toward the Inn. We soon felt like salmon going up stream to spawn as everyone was coming back. Old Faithful had just gone off and we had over 90 minutes to wait. So we listened to the Ranger for awhile and then went over to the Inn. Words can't describe it. And the pictures barely do. It is big and old and beautiful. We sat inside for a bit and had something to drink and then wandered outside and got a seat on the deck over the front door. From there we had a great view of Old Faithful as he went off. The pictures are Ron's and I think he did a great job. I had some people in front of me who got in every shot.

After that we went back to the pickup and ate our lunch while the traffic cleared. Then we headed back north taking a by-pass road and checking out Firepot Lake road. It was great - little or no traffic and lots of small geysers and springs. We followed one of the Yellow buses and listened to what he was telling his people about the springs.

We finally got home around 4 and both of us took naps. It was a great day and I'm glad we saw Yellowstone.

We will be here until Sunday morning when we head on down the road.

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