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Carpe at the Saint George, Utah Elks Lodge

I 15 in Salt Lake City
Cities = Ugh!

Sandi's reaction to driving in Salt Lake City

You gotta love the west
We finally made it out of the city...

A sunrise view of the St. George Elks RV parking

The Lodge boasts a commanding view of St. George

Kolob Canyon, Zion National Park
This little visited unit boasts spectacular vistas

Kolob Canyon, Zion National Park

Kolob Canyon, Zion National Park

Kolob Canyon, Zion National Park

Fri, 23 Sep: No alarm clock this morning, but the dumpster collection trucks at the Roy Elks lodge did the job for us. We were ready and rolled wheels a few minutes before eight. We were freeway close so in no time we were rolling south on I 15.

Now we've got to tell you, our planning wasn't the best. We were on a major commute route in a major metro area (Salt Lake City) at eight on a Friday morning. Remarkably, the traffic moved along very nicely and in no time we were south of the metro center and watched the traffic heading in the other direction from a mostly empty Interstate.

But, lest we congratulate ourselves too soon, south of Salt Lake the world turned orange, as in construction orange. The construction, which consisted of narrow, shifting, and uneven lanes seemed to go on forever. Bob thought it was pretty cool... Of course, that was because Sandi was driving. Finally, south of Provo we were free of cities, traffic, and construction. We had a very nice rest of the drive to our current location at Saint George, Utah.

Our drive was a long one, 334 miles total, all on I 15. We'll be in Saint George for a few days before continuing on to Laughlin, Nevada. And, to get us in the mood for Laughlin the temperature upon our arrival was a balmy 100° F. Hard to believe we were in the twenties just a few days ago...

We're staying at the Saint George Elks Lodge, which has a huge parking lot with several RV spots. We're backed up to one of those Southern Utah red bluffs, which is just spectacular when viewed against the cobalt blue sky (see pix). We dined at the Lodge, which features Fish & Chips on Fridays. Very well done and we were good and eschewed the "chips".

Sat, 24 Sep: Whew, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite missed us. It was pretty uncomfortable trying to sleep in a hard hat. We were so worried we slept in until sunup (about 0730 in these parts).

After a nice quiet breakfast and a turn around the huge Elks Lodge "Yard Sale" that was being held in the parking lot, we decided to go sightseeing. At first we talked about visiting Bryce Canyon National Park. But it is about 150 miles each way and we just didn't feel up to doing that much driving. Rather, Bob suggested that we visit Kalob Canyon, a separate unit of Zion National Park that was a mere thirty miles north of us.

Good pick! We just loved the scenic drive that afforded vistas of the red-tinged cliffs and canyons. We spent a few hours driving from lookout to lookout playing with our cameras. We think we got some good shots, so please take a gander at the photos.

Then back to Saint George for lunch at a fast food joint and back home. Our idea of a good day—a nice easy bout of sightseeing that still leaves enough time for an afternoon siesta...

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