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Our campsite at the state park in Destin was spacious, but surrounded by thick vegetation. When we put the slides out, we were quite close to a large bush. A rather nondescript gray bird flew out of the bush and into our slide over and over and over again. The attack went on for hours. It was the sort of behavior you might expect if there was a nest with babies nearby, but that did not seem to be the case. The bird was not trapped and could have flown away in many other directions. Singlemindedly he kept up the attack. We began to worry that he was getting a concussion. Although this attack continued every day, the routine varied a bit when he would also perch on our side mirrors and peck and peck and peck. They are made out of metal and obviously did not give an inch. Then we began to hear pecking on the roof, on the vents and air conditioners. We weren't sure if this was the same gray bird or the rest of his posse. This campground is popular and full every night. Even though we fled that site, tonight someone else is parked there getting attacked by that gray bird. You can bet on it.

So we have fled to a campground totally the opposite of where we just were. When we made the reservation online, we had to swear that we would be staying in a motor home and that it was newer than 15 years old. No riff raff need apply. The park is new and built solely for motor homes, so maneuvering and parking was a piece of cake. Some of the campsites are for sale and perhaps the one where we are staying is owned by someone who's not here at the moment. Some people have built gazebos, storage sheds, and outdoor kitchens on their sites. The clubhouse looks like it was decorated by a professional - very enticing. It also has a movie theater with real comfy movie theater-type seats. The movies come with free pop corn. The park is not finished and the vegetation is still raw and sparse. No bird attacks here.

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