2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

between Hamilton and Toronto is the city of Mississauga

there is a very big Ford plant here - remember when Canadian...

outskirts of Toronto

like all big cities a lot of it is 'under construction'

The closer we got to Toronto the heavier got the traffic, but highways into Toronto are built for heavy traffic. The driving was intense but not really a problem.

Madolyn had picked out a city park near Pickering, on the far east side of Toronto, to be our base of operations. We reached it by five o’clock. The park is on the Rouge River and we took a campsite for the next three nights.

The park is beautiful, green and quiet and inviting. Best of all there are no lights at night except a glow in the sky from Toronto's city lights. We fell asleep to the gurgling of the river.

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