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Sunset on the Indian Ocean

dhow sailing at sunset

The ferry we took over to Zanzibar was very comfortable and nice, even in 2nd class! We had air-con in the second class cabin, and 2 large TVs at the front showing movies.

After 2hrs on the boat, we got to Stone Town on the island of Zanzibar. After we settled in to our hotel (with air-con... and beds... and our own showers...), we went exploring around town. Did I mention the beds? and the air-con? and our own showers?

The town had a medina with narrow alleys, which reminded us of Morocco. There is a really large Arab and Indian influence here, and the majority of the population is Muslim. So though it was a really hot day out, all of the girls had to cover their shoulders and wear walking shorts or pants. HOT!!

At lunch, we went into a pub overlooking the ocean called Mercury's. From a blurb on the front cover, we found out that Freddy Mercury was actually born here in Zanzibar. Not too far away in one of the alleyways, we found the house he spent the first couple of years in.

At night, after many drinks while watching the sunset at a hotel called The Africa House, we all decided to venture out to the local marketplace and eat at the various stalls set up along the water. There was a wide selection of fresh seafood kababs including lobster, prawns, octopus, calamari, and fish such as shark, blue marlin, kingfish, and tuna.

We found the lobster a bit expensive, so we had the prawns, shark, and marlin skewers --VERY tasty!! Then washed it all down with cups of ginger tea and masala (chai) tea.

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