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We were buffeted by strong wind gusts almost the entire way here. Tumbleweed broke lose from their foundations and lined up on the side of the expressway like children waiting at a school crossing. An extra strong gust would send them scurrying across the road together, some of them as big as refrigerators. At times our vision was obscured by great clouds of reddish brown dust. At least it wasn't snow.

We are camped here if you can call it that, outside a factory that makes after market shades and window coverings for motor homes. Since motor homes are manufactured by so many different vendors and their design changes with the years, this ends up being a custom job. The MCD facility has room for up to eight motor homes in their parking lot and the technicians came to us today to measure. The shades will be made in the factory here and then the installers can do their part. It is possible to get these shades in other places, but we have found with RV issues, there's nothing like going to the source. Our current shades are made of nubby pleated fabric. They are impossible to clean and are beginning to come loose from the mounting hardware. There are cheaper solutions, but we have seen the MCD shades on new motor homes and were impressed. They have a day shade which allows you to look out and prevents others from looking in and a light blocking shade for the evening.

As a camping experience being here is no worse than the one we had in Midland and once we close the curtains, it's easy to forget where we really are and just feel at home. McKinney is a suburb of Dallas and that certainly make us feel right at home, as Chicago suburbanites. After a few weeks in the wilderness it's nice to be near decent grocery stores and movie theaters again for a while.

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