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Now that's an RV!! I had to back up to the other...

Finally! the bed in front of the shade house is done. Note...

Earlier in the week, we got a Facebook message from our friends, Jo and Pete. They were in Mesa at their son's house and would our open invite be available for the weekend. Of course, we said yes.

So we got ready a bit. Mostly, we finished some of the shade house. I had some grommets to put in the bottom of the side covers, we re-arranged some of the furniture and tidy-ed up. We also stopped at the pea gravel pile along side the road on the way to Salome and pick up a bucket of pea gravel. W don't know who put the gravel there, but people stop there all the time to take some home.

I used the gravel as a stone mulch around the plants in front of the shade house. I wanted to put the broken pottery back in the bed - but when we put it on the dirt, they got covered with dirt. Now with the mulch they should stay clean. I also sprinkled some tumbled broken windshield glass in the bed. It gives it a nice sparkle.

We also had to move the little RV to make room for their rig. It worked out well as our next door neighbors needed a guest house for their granddaughter who is spending spring break with them. So that was the first thing on the agenda Saturday morning.

Anyway, Jo and Pete pulled in about 1:30 Saturday afternoon. Mutual friends, Jerry and Alice, came over from Salome and new friends, Bill and Leslie, SKPs from down the street, came, too. I made some spaghetti and a salad, Jo made garlic bread, Leslie brought horse deovers, and Alice made a from scratch cake.

It was a bit windy so we ate on our laps in the screen house rather than on the picnic table. There was more than enough food and we enjoyed the conversation.

Don't know what all the plans are today, but we will start off with breakfast over at the KOFA.

Hope you have a good start of the week and I will see you again on Thursday.

PS: Would appreciate prayers for a friend in Indiana who is in the hospital.

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