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Kejimkujik National Park - wandering along the Mersey River

The next morning we parked downtown and walked around the town of Lunenburg. Here we found the Bluenose II by the fishing museum - she was being readied for the winter so some of her rigging had already been removed. Lunenburg, as in most old towns, had some beautiful old churches - the photo I enclosed is actually of a church which had to be rebuilt a few years ago after a fire, but it was rebuilt exactly the same as the original. And the town didn't bother with hanging up seasonal banners, instead they have permanent signs showing all the different creatures of the ocean, including squid, sharks, cod, etc. After Lunenburg (and a seafood lunch out) we headed west, and drove through Kejimkujik National Park, with a quick nature walk along the Mersey River (and yes, it runs out of Liverpool, N.S.). They were predicting wet snow for overnight, so we hustled on up the highway to the North side of N.S., and went to Digby, the "Scallop Capital of the World" to buy supper ingredients. Then we went to the mouth of the Annapolis Basin. The campsite we were aiming for turned out to have closed early for the season, so we spent the night in a parking lot for a park. However, those fresh scallops sure tasted good!

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