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How can I tell if they're travel agents?

Here I am back in Seoul for the third time, and it has been a slightly frustrating day again. The best bit was flying past Mount Fuji looking absolutely as I always hoped it would, see photo with my original Fuji entry. Travelling essentially took up the whole day though, and my plans to visit travel agents this evening and book the next bit of the trip failed, as I couldn't find any! Admittedly, it was dark by the time I finally got to central Seoul, but still no joy.

I am in Itaewon as I write, though I am actually staying in my usual somewhat shabby 'love hotel' near Insa-Dong. I avoided Itaewon last time in case it was like Phat Phong in Bangkok, but its not, its more like the Koh San Road in Bangkok, though a bit more tourist than traveller. Its actually OK and if there is any sex trade I haven't noticed it yet. Such an apparently fun and vibrant area does highlight to me the plight of the older lone traveller, as this looks like a good place for a gang of you to go out for a night of fun, but I am not sure it would work as well as on your own, or at least I have lost the motivation and confidence in these solo missions that I used to have. I came here as I was told there were lots of travel agents here, but I can't find any here either, only countless bars and places to eat, a few shops, and the ubiquitous nerd internet emporiums like the one I am in now.

Its back in the muggy weather too, goddamn! I had also forgotten that it was a Friday - I have no idea what day it is most of the time - and I couldn't get in the hotel I originally aspired to, or at least I wasn't prepared to wait until some couple finished with it at about 9 pm. So as I said I'm back in the last hotel I used here, nice enough in a 70's sort of way, and half the price of anything in Japan, but no computer in my room, which would have been helpful for my travel planning. So in search of PC access I'm in an internet place in Itaewon that is unusual for not being full of game-playing geeks but rather foreigners, including more black people in one place than I've seen altogether since I left England. Tomorrow is Halloween and I think everything will be even busier.

But then things worked out a bit, and to cut a long story short, I have booked myself via the internet to go to Taiwan for two weeks in about a week's time, so I'd better leave town tomorrow and get going round Korea while I can!

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