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Tommy explaining the various types of rice in the market

VERY fresh fish

The cleanest, most hygenic meat I have seen in months.

Anyone for fried gecko, cockroach, locust, caterpillar????

Heading to the farm

In the vegetable garden

Me in the garden





Green curry, sticky rice, Tom Yum soup, Chicken basil and jasmine rice

Digging in

Getting into the Songkran spirit

After a fantiastic couple of days relaxing catching up on all the boring things like laundry etc I decided it was time to see what there was to do in and around Chiang Mai. So yesterday i booked myself in for a cooking class at the Thai Organic Farm cooking school. Today being the first official day of Songkran and the fact that I was picked up this morning in an open tuktuk meant that by the time I arrived I was well and truly soaked from buckets of water being thrown into the tuktuk by people on the side of the road.

The first stop was the markets where we went shopping and sampled some of the market delights, such as fried cockroach, locust and gecko, before heading about 20km out of town to the farm. The class was superbly well run by a Thai man called Tommy, with each person having their own cooking station and preparing their own individual meal of 6 dishes from the menu. We started off by heading out to the garden and picking the herbs and some vegetables that we would be using then into the kitchen to get to work.

By the time I finished making my Green Curry Paste, Green Chicken Curry, Tom Yum Soup, and Chicken with Basil i was ravenous and lunch time couldn't arrive quick enough! I ate til I was fit to burst then could hardly manage to motivate myself to get up at the end of the break and start cooking again. After that I made Spring Rolls, Pad See Ew and Sticky Rice with Mango. Of course I had made such a pig of myself at lunch I could eat none of it and packaged it all up in doggie bags to take home.

It was a great day, well organised, a lot of fun and well worth the money. The ride home was even more sodden than the ride it. Not only were people throwing buckets from the road side but there were people riding around on the back of utes with great drums of water from which they alternatively scooped water and threw it or refilled enormous super soakers and aimed them at people like me; sitting ducks stuck in traffic!

Given the present political unrest in Thailand at the moment its good to see people having a good time and letting off steam in a healthier way than they are down south with a couple of people killed already. I had been planning to head down to Bangkok but with a state of emergency called today I think I will just stay put for a few days and see what happens. The last thing I want is to get stuck if the airports get closed again like they were last year! So I'm off to the Elephant Nature Park instead :)

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