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On the boat driving toward Fort Jefferson on Garden Key in the...





Lookout from on top of Fort Jefferson.

Moat surrounding Ft. Jefferson.

John next to the 'big gun.'

Teague and Thomas next to the 'big gun.'

Beautiful brickwork - as seen down a hallway of arches.

More arches at Ft. Jefferson.

Great view of moat and side of Ft. Jefferson. Windows are were...

Beautiful tropical waters as seen from Ft. Jefferson

Another great view of the moat surrounding the fort.

Thomas and John taking their Jr. Ranger oath. Also in pic. is...

Snorkel beach at Ft. Jefferson

John getting some quality water/sun time.

Another view of snorkel beach and Ft.

We didn't exactly stay overnight at Dry Tortugas National Park, but we did spend the day here. I just had to put this place on our trip journal because it was so cool, and it's the furthest place from Alaska that we've traveled.

We had a great time here, the boat ride was wonderful (its 70 miles from Key West!) and the Fort itself was very interesting. There's also some really nice snorkeling here that we did take advantage of.

Overall, we had a great time here and are really glad we were able to visit here.

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