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Arizona State Capitol at Phoenix

Shirley, Frances and the "kids" reading the proclamation

It really is Day 59 of this mission, but since we haven't made an entry in a while we'll back up to Arizona before we catch you all up to Succot at Old Paths Assembly in Lucern Valley, California.

We left the Lubbock, TX area about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning knowing that we had to be in Lucern Valley on Thursday by noon at the latest. So we drove and drove and drove and finally stopped for the night in Blythe on the Ca / AZ border, two capitols and about 21 hours later. We did the proclamation in Phoenix about 10:30 at night And would have stopped sooner except the state fair was on and all the hotel rooms were booked (at least the ones we checked that accepted dogs). It was a long day! The police in Phoenix thought our mini van parked in the capitol area park was housing some vagrants I guess because when we came back to it they were poking around and shining their lights in the van's windows. I said to them, "here we are, the van is ours." "The park is closed and we were concerned about it being abandoned," one officer said. (There were three patrol cars checking us out.) "No, it's ours," I said, "we were just over visiting your capitol." "Looks like you're moving," he said pointing to our Shabbat reclining chairs tied on our roof rack. "Just traveling through," I replied. "That's a good thing," he said, "as the park is closed." There were several other cars in the parking area for the park being closed, but like I mentioned earlier I think they were afraid we were vagrants and looking for a camping place. We took our time getting everything loaded and there wasn't any chance of them leaving before we did so as we were driving out of the parking lot I rolled down my window and called to them gathered by one of the patrol cars, "we're leaving now, thank you for watching out for us."

Policeman don't seem to like it when you are not afraid of them!

We made it to Old Paths Assembly around 12:30 p.m. and were able to keep on schedule with the teaching we had been asked to present at 2:00. Actually began at 2:30. We'll make another entry about our time here at Succot. It has been a blessing!

We leave for home in the morning (Wednesday) and then leave home for the last leg of this mission on Monday the 27th.

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