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One of the temples

Some of the erotic sculptures..

Another one...


I was supposed to catch the midday train to Khajuraho yesterday, which was first an hour late, then 3 hours late...We finally headed to the station to wait for the train at 4pm and waited and waited...until 10pm when we headed back to the hotel bar and left the tour guide at the station to look after our backpacks. There was no indication as to when the train would arrived and each our we were told 'just one hour more'. Not much runs on time here and patience is an absolute necessity!

Finally at midnight we decided to try and get some sleep (seeing as we were kicked out of the bar) but the hotel was booked out. There was another tour guide from the same company there and he gave us his room, had another couple of mattresses put on the floor and 10 of us crammed into 5 single beds. We got a wake up call at 5am to say the train was coming so we raced down to the station and just made it. The train trip was supposed to take 7 hours but ended up taking 11 hours then we had a 4 hour bus trip to arrive finally at Khajurho at 8pm tonight, a mere 22 hours late! I am going to sleep so well tonight!!

Khajuraho is famous for its temples, only 25 are left of the original 85, and the temples are completely covered in amazing stone carvings. There are lots of carvings depicting war, hunting dancing etc but the ones I am really interested in are the erotic sculptures!

I didn't get to check them out today seeing as I got in so late but I'll be there first thing tomorrow morning!

I went for a Kerala massage yesterday, thinking that sounded very traditional and it was the greasiest experience I have ever had. I was drenched in oil literally from head to toe and everythime the masseus started to rub vigorously I had to hold on to the sides of the bench to stop myself from flying right off the table. The head massage was phenomenal although I came out looking like an oily scarecrow.

My poor roomie, Sandy, has a terrible case of Delhi Belly and I am fervently hoping that I don't end up with it as well...

I think the hotel upgrading has come to an abrupt halt, my bed tonight is as hard as a cement slab and about as basic!

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