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We took this at 60mph for our grandson, Colby

A sign at the High Plains Campground

Stretchin' our legs

Campground View

Home for the night

The Colonial Steakhouse

Yesterday we were awakened a little after 2:00 AM by some dogs barking up on the hill above our camps site. That is all it took to get my pea sized brain going. Basically, I lay in bed going over the entire route of travel in my mind. I may have finally dropped off to sleep around 5:00 AM, until our neighbor, Robert, left to go work at Ft Carson, around 5:15 AM.

We finally got out of bed around 6:00 and I posted the journal entry. By this time, Marilyn had coffee ready and we sat in front of the fireplace with soft music playing. It was cold outside! The temperature was down in the mid forties. Time to head for Missouri!

I had hoped to leave by 8:30 AM and we had it made. Site #62 was vacant, which meant that we could pull through that site and drive out through the back side of the park.

Mountaindale has many trees, which makes it very nice, but there is a down side.

Maneuvering a rig over 50’ long through the trees, making 90 degree turns, etc, is not for the timid.

As I pulled through site #62, I had to use the right hand side of the site, to make a left turn and miss the tree on the left side.

The sites have all been built up with gravel to make them level, which is also a good thing. However, the right hand side of my RV was close to a tree on that side and as the rig sank into the gravel it tilted just enough to make contact with the pine tree.

Actually the rig never made any contact but the slide topper awning did.

The awning was ripped and I couldn’t move either direction lest I damage the Rig itself.

David came to the rescue!

He tied a heavy strap around the tree, high up, above the RV, and hooked the strap to his BobCat. He was then able to pull hard enough to move the tree away from the RV while I moved slowly forward enough to clear the tree.

We parked in front of the office building, discussing what to do about the ruined awning.

I called Liberty RV and asked them to order the canvas, which they would do immediately.

The problem is that we won’t get the new canvas for 10 days. We have to come up with plan B.

In the mean time, David climbed up on top of the RV to cut the old, ripped canvas off, being careful not to allow the roller spring to suddenly unwind.

With a “Thank You” to David and Vance, we were on the road by 9:15 AM, only 45 minutes after our planned departure time.

Exactly five hours later, we pulled into the High Plains Campground in Oakley, KS.

We had driven 268 miles and registered 10.0 mpg for the trip.

We are all set up and ready for a good night of sleep.

I must say that this is a very nice campground. The sites are level gravel with grass beside the gravel. Long pull through sites were welcome!

The Colonial Steakhouse is right next door and the food was just fine. Very tasty!

There is a filling station across the street, and we have TV reception with the antenna. That saved me again as this is “Big Brother” night and my name would have been mud if we did not have TV reception. :)

So, yesterday was a day with some unwelcome, unexpected adventure. Remember, I like the boring trips!

Let’s just see what this day has in store…..

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