Happy Birthday to Chris Potts - 26 years old/young.

Still raining when we arose, so we packed up, dumped and were on the road by 8:30. Drove 320 miles today - trying to get to Vancouver by Saturday so we can meet up with Ray and Deb Hunsberger. Only about 650 to go.

We finished the Cassiar Highway and started south on the Yellowhead (just imagine Bob's version of that name) Highway toward Prince George, B.C.. The ride was great because the road was so nice - could go between 55 and 65 mph - a first in more than a month. The scenery was interesting - but except for the occasional (3) glaciers, looked much like northern and western Pennsylvania - rolling hills. Saw the first evidence of agriculture and livestock in quite awhile but in addition, these folks have so many lakes and rivers that the fishing is also supposed to be pretty good. Salmon spawn in many of the rivers and creeks here too.

We are staying at Orange Valley R.V. Park in Fraser, B.C.. Not much in the way of services - no phone or internet or even 30 amp service but what this place has is peace and quiet, a leash-free pet area that encompasses a large meadow abloom with daisies and orange indian paintbrush. And...if that weren't enough, there is a trail to a beaver pond - but didn't see any beaver in case you are wondering. The owner told us that they had seen a bear a few weeks ago so we sang our way to the beaver pond because believe me, the stories of bear attacks are scary. We took our bear spray just in case but didn't encounter a bear. However, we saw two bears during the road trip today so we know they are plentiful here.

What we DID see everywhere - which may explain the bear presence - were hundreds of wild blueberry bushes loaded with ripe berries. Of course, Bob made me taste the berries first, just to make sure they weren't poisonous. Luckily I was a botanist in another life - not to mention the fact that when I was a child, (many, many years ago) we grew blueberries on our "farm". The bushes were huge and the berries were likewise. Blueberries must be "in" right now because when we were food shopping in Burns Lake today, they had cases of them for sale and cheap!!!! By the way, finally saw peppers that were only $2.99 per pound as opposed to $2.00 apiece.

Bob finally was able to replace the cell phone antenna but we have no service so don't know if it will help any at this point.

Not a bad day...long but sorta nice and a much more relaxing drive.

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