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Another nice day is coming to an end at Piran



the wall that protects the town from land

the "beach"

good company, great pizza, good beer, nice place


yes, not much of a beach, but...





soccer all the way

busy night restaurant sceene


Next day we headed out to the coast. Yes, Slovenia owns about 20 miles of coast line sandwiched between Italy and Croatia. There is a number of cities on this stretch, all but Piran converted for modern mass tourism. The old city of Piran is situated at the tip of a peninsula protected by a wall from the mainland. Once we got there it turned out that the only hostel was full, but we soon found a private room that ended up not costing any more for two than the hostel would have. While waiting for the room to be cleaned we sat down for pizza and beer at the restaurant which was recommended by the girl at the tourist information office. I don't know if it was the proximity of Italy or what, but the pizza was fabulous and the experience made it our standard staple for the rest of this trip. The town went with the theme of the country and the statue on the main square, instead of some bloody handed military man, is one of a violist. Bravo, Slovenia!!!! We did some site seeing then we went to the beach on the other side of the city. The beach, like most everything on this side of the Adriatic sea, is a far cry from the white sand of Mexico and is at best pebbly. Nevertheless I loved this one because of..... People were clothed from the large coverage bathing suits to nothing. Nothing mostly applied to people who were neither young, nor good looking and this was precisely why I loved this beach. When every weight loss program is trying to convince people that only those in „bikini shape" should dare to show up on the beach and it will only take 39.99 a month to achieve this priviledge I love when there are those who don't buy into that they need to feel self consciencious for having the „wrong" bodytype. (We will just have to keep you guessing whether or not we joined the crowd on this activity. Those of you who know Charlie will probably have no problem guessing. I have to say that even the puritan New Englander in me has to agree with Charlie's assessment that it was very nice to see all types of people at the beach in all types of clothing or non-clothing without a hint of self-consciousness - Michelle). We walked all over Piran and really liked it. The only problem was that there seemed to be no information about transportation connections on the Croatian side of the border less than 10 miles away, even though they were the same country not too long ago. It did not help that the internet went down and when we asked where another internet cafe would be they said that it is Slovenia's biggest internet provider that is down, so the next place would not have any more access than they had, either.

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